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McDonald’s confirms highly anticipated new Cookies & Creme Pie

    McDonald’s has officially confirmed that the highly anticipated Cookies & Creme Pie will be made available for a limited time in specific regions of the country, starting from July 14, 2023. This delightful dessert promises to satisfy the cravings of dessert lovers and offers a delectable experience that cannot be missed.

    For a while, American customers have felt envious of the assortment of McDonald’s pie flavors that are available in other countries. Examples include Australia’s crème brûlée flavor and the irresistible chocolate pies found in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. However, the cookies and cream pie from Malaysia and Hong Kong has been particularly sought after, and fans are ecstatic to discover it is now being served in local McDonald’s establishments.

    The Cookies & Creme Pie is a delectable dessert that showcases a unique turnover-style crust made with chocolate cookie crumbs, expertly baked to perfection. This delectable treat is then generously filled with a smooth and creamy vanilla creme, combined with delightful pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies.

    Although the availability of the Cookies & Creme Pie is currently limited, eager fans have been fortunate enough to spot it in various markets across the country. Notable locations where this irresistible pie has been found include select areas in Illinois, Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago, among others.