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McDonald’s makes weddings unforgettable with catering new service

    Fast food enthusiasts who adore McDonald’s have a reason to celebrate as the renowned fast food chain is introducing an exclusive wedding package. Fans will be overjoyed to discover that they can now indulge in delectable chicken nuggets while celebrating their special day. The launch of this special menu allows newlyweds and their guests to indulge in a bountiful feast of mouthwatering burgers and McNuggets, all at an incredibly affordable price of approximately $235.

    It’s important to not get overly excited about booking your next wedding at McDonald’s by calling to make reservations. The exclusive wedding package is only available only in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the potential for expansion worldwide if it proves to be successful.

    Under this exciting offer, the happy couple and their attendees will be treated to a generous serving of 100 burgers and 100 boxes of chicken nuggets, ensuring that everyone’s cravings are satisfied. Initially introduced in Jakarta, Indonesia, this unique wedding catering package has the potential to expand to McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, depending on its popularity.

    To avail of this delightful package, a minimum order of 200 pieces is required, promising unforgettable wedding moments for all involved. With the slogan “Making wedding moments unforgettable,” McDonald’s aims to provide couples with a one-of-a-kind dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on their special day.