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Mac Sabbath Coming to a Town Near You

Is this what happens when food goes bad? Introducing Mac Sabbath! The parody Black Sabbath group has got the attention of the world. The California-based heavy metal band is hungry to get your attention.

They just created a new category for heavy metal. Junk Food Metal!

Vocals / Ronald Osbourne
Guitar / Slayer MacCheeze
Bass / Grimalice
Drums / the Catburglar

“Finish up the quarter pounder / All that beef we have to find / Need to grow cows faster, faster / Faster, faster all the time.”

“(Ronald) insists that he travels through time in this time-space continuum thing from the 1970s to … bring us back to where food and music were still organic and it was like real food and Black Sabbath.”

Fun Fact: While still a teenager, Ozzy Osbourne got a position in a slaughterhouse.