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Nestle Lumps of Coal for Christmas is not a bad thing

    Getting Lumps of Coal for Christmas is not a bad thing

    Some kids get rocks for Halloween and others get lumps of coal for Christmas.  This year getting lumps of coal from Nestle is a good thing. The chocolate cookie dough with chocolate morsels is Santa-approved.  Don’t forget to leave Santa a big glass of milk to wash down the chocolaty cookies.

    This festive mix is the ideal selection for making chocolate cookies that look like little lumps of coal! This chocolate cookie dough mix includes rich chocolate morsels to delight your taste buds. This 1 lb. pack includes enough mix to prepare two dozen cookies, so you can easily cater dessert at your next holiday dinner party or Christmas day festivities or stock your cookie jar to facilitate after-school snacks. Or, involve the little ones as you make NESTLE TOLL HOUSE Lumps of Coal Chocolate Cookies for a fun family activity that is sure to spark laughs, giggles and smiles. You will all enjoy the cookies, and the kids will have a blast licking the bowl!

    Fun Fact: The practice of putting a lump of coal in the stockings of naughty children originated in Italy.