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Look! I’m Wearing the Smile you Gave me!

    I have no clue what Blue Q’s Look! I’m Wearing the Smile you Gave me! tastes like but I love the box that comes with the yellow Chiclet-like gum. Think I am going to order the last two on Amazon. Going to chew on it a bit more. Gone! You snooze, you lose. You will have to buy directly from the company.

    Will you take this whale to be your very best friend? Pretty please, with some plankton on top? 8 pieces of candy-coated, fruit-flavored gum in each box.

    • I’M WEARING THE SMILE YOU GAVE ME FRUIT GUM: It’s the right size! I love it!
    • 8 pieces of fruit-flavored gum snugged inside a box you won’t soon forget. The box interior is decorated too. Surprise!
    • If you can find better gum – buy it!
    • Made in Canada.

    Blue Q sells our stuff to tons of amazingly unique stores all around the world. We’re happy to ship you an order, but there’s a good chance you can buy the same thing right in your backyard. And if you can, you’ll be supporting both your own community and ours. Isn’t that cool?!

    Fun Fact: Chiclets is derived from the Mexican Spanish word “chicle”, derived from the Aztec Nahuatl word “chictli/tzictli”, meaning “sticky stuff” and referring to a pre-Columbian chewing gum found throughout Mesoamerica.

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