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Little Caesars gets fancy on National Pepperoni Pizza Day

    Little Caesars gets fancy on National Pepperoni Pizza Day

    Little Caesars’ Limited Edition Pizza-Inspired Pieces Are All Up for Grabs for the Same Low Price as Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza

    Little Caesars is rolling out the red carpet in honor of its new Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza and National Pepperoni Pizza Day. For tomorrow only, Little Caesars is welcoming followers to the fanciest, most pepperoniest gallery space on all of Instagram, offering several high-end pieces for sale through its own Galleroni at the special price of $9.99 – the same price as its newest pizza.

    “We’re happy to give Little Caesars fans the chance to snag some limited-edition pizza swag for only $9.99,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing for Little Caesars, Greg Hamilton. “Just like our newest pizza, this National Pepperoni Pizza Day promotion gives customers the opportunity to get some upscale goods at really incredible prices.”

    Includes piece from renowned artist Noah Verrier

    Little Caesars gets fancy on National Pepperoni Pizza Day

    Expect the Galleroni to come to life as a grid takeover on the main Little Caesars Instagram page, available via shoppable posts, giving the pizza chain’s followers the chance to snag exclusive, fancy schmancy items on a first come, first served basis. These items are limited and will drop throughout the day. The fancy pieces include pizza paintings inspired by well-known artwork, including a one-of-a-kind framed oil painting of a slice of Little Caesar’s pizza from artist Noah Verrier, pizza-inspired furniture, a bedazzled purseroni and more. Fans will not want to miss the chance to get their hands on these usually pricey items, each costing just $9.99.

    Additional Galleroni items include an ornate candelabra with pepperoni scented candles, a cupped ‘roni chair and even a fanciful beverage chest. The promotion is offered in conjunction with the Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pizza, a limited-time offering featuring over 100 slices of old world pepperoni that have a rich, smoky flavor and crisp up when they cook. You can expect a pizza covered with old-world pepperoni and a crust that is crisped with cheese to the edges. This gives this pizza a special texture and overall crunchy bite.

    Noah Verrier has been creating art since childhood, taking a contemplative, meditative approach to much of his work. The artist has worked on large series spanning numerous pieces, but his painting style also shines in quietly masterful still-life and other works made from observation. 

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