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Kinder Joy unveils new birthday pack

    Kinder Joy Unveils New Birthday Pack

    Kinder Joy and Vanessa Lachey are making parties for your kids a fun thing! Give your parties a little extra bite with Kinder Joy birthday packs. The personalized packs are a bonus for any average party of 15 kids. Even more, double your packs.

    Kinder Joy is partnering with television actress and mother of three Vanessa Lachey. “Thinking of all the things you need for a great kid’s party can be challenging at times. And as a parent, you want to bring things that are simple and kid-approved,” said Lachey. “That’s why I’m such a fan of the new Kinder Joy birthday pack, it is the perfect goodie bag favors for your next child’s party. It has a treat on one side and a surprise toy on the other, a win-win!”

    Kinder Joy Unveils New Birthday

    Designed as a go-to party favor, the Kinder Joy Birthday Pack is perfect for your child’s next birthday. The festive birthday pack features 15 individual Kinder Joy eggs – one half has two layers of creamy deliciousness – one cocoa and one sweet milk-cream flavored – topped with crispy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream and a surprise toy inside of the other half. And, parents can use the placeholder on the card of the pack to write their child’s name for a more personalized touch.

    Fun Fact: Chocolate egg Kinder Surprise was banned from sale in the USA, where according to the Federal law of 1938, it is impossible to put inedible objects in food.