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Just Pop JUST Egg Into Your Toaster

    Just imagine popping an egg in a toaster and making a sandwich with it. Imagine that egg is also plant-based. What a world we would be living in. Well, it is reality JUST Egg is exactly that. The toast-size egg-based patty is toaster ready each morning, with no mess, and no fuss. The future looks bright, you just have to believe it. JUST Egg is also made in liquid form for traditionalists who like to fry eggs. You can buy JUST Egg at your local grocery store on Amazon.

    We believe in seeing the world differently. The egg is the world’s most-eaten animal protein, so we reimagined it. Because when we realize a plant is an egg, we eat healthier, our planet becomes healthier, and our breakfast rituals take on even more meaning.

    It starts with a small bean and some healthy soil. Then, the bean becomes an egg that scrambles in a pan or folds into an omelet. It leaves wild spaces wild, reduces air and ocean pollution, and builds muscle in our bodies without a milligram of cholesterol.

    It took us 5 years to find it, but we found a plant that magically scrambles like an egg. It’s a protein-rich legume called the mung bean. Mung beans have been in the global food system for thousands of years, but they’ve never been used quite like this. When you pour JUST Egg in a skillet, the gentle sizzle as it hits the pan and the way it cooks into a fluffy, chewy breakfast scramble will exceed all your expectations.

    For you and for the planet. JUST Egg has zero cholesterol and less saturated fat than conventional eggs, with a similar amount of protein. Its ingredients require less land, water and carbon emissions to make; in fact, it’s one of the most sustainable protein sources available. To both preserve our planet and provide nutritious food for everyone for generations to come, we’re rethinking the food we eat and how we make it.