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How to launch a successful TikTok restaurant marketing campaign

    Any experienced restaurateur will emphasize that the cornerstone of a thriving business lies in its chosen location. Crafting effective advertising strategies for restaurants has often been a tricky endeavor. In the past, conventional mediums such as newspapers, radio broadcasts, and television commercials have been the tried-and-true avenues for attracting fresh clientele. The emergence of social media has completely revolutionized this conventional wisdom.

    The pivotal question arises: amidst this evolving landscape, which platform serves as the optimal conduit for advertisers seeking to reach their target audience? In this context, Google and Facebook have solidified their positions as the go-to options, particularly for those with substantial financial resources at their disposal. These tech giants have ascended to become the venerable stalwarts of online advertising, wielding unparalleled influence.

    A wave of new contenders has entered the fray, each offering the promise of ushering in a much-needed influx of new business. In this swiftly changing landscape, the burden now falls upon the shoulders of restaurant owners to discern the ideal virtual locale to showcase their advertisements. The crux of the matter now resides in identifying the digital ecosystem that aligns most harmoniously with their brand’s essence and target market.

    The modern restaurateur is tasked not only with selecting a prime physical location but also with navigating the intricate virtual expanse to strategically position their promotional campaigns. This dual-front challenge underscores the need for a comprehensive and nuanced approach, where the interplay between the physical and digital realms can spell the difference between triumph and obscurity in today’s competitive culinary landscape.

    It becomes necessary to break away from conventional thinking and explore innovative ideas. A recent experience of mine comes to mind, where I had the delightful opportunity to connect with Alexandra Tsotsis, the Marketing and Communications Director at Lafleur Restaurants in Montreal. During our conversation with myself and my business associate, Alexandra explained to us Lafleur’s latest and remarkably creative TikTok campaign.

    Alexandra provided me with insights into the captivating world of Lucie Lafleur, a sensation on Quebec’s TikTok scene. What makes Lucie Lafleur particularly intriguing is the fact that she is the brainchild of Andrew Johnson, the visionary founder of the digital marketing agency Dreww alongside Alexandra.

    The collaboration between Andrew Johnson and Alexandra Tsotsis to give life to Lucie Lafleur showcases their ability to think beyond the norm and craft a character that resonates with audiences innovatively. This endeavor underscores the power of stepping outside the confines of traditional approaches and embracing unconventional strategies to achieve impactful results in the realm of marketing and communications.

    The actress who embodies the character “Lucie” has garnered such immense popularity that she is gradually becoming an integral part of the Lafleur family, a sentiment that Tsotsis herself embraces. In the realm of advertising, it’s a rarity to witness a direct correlation between a campaign and a surge in sales. With views in the millions, Lucie Lafleur is a natural fit for the restaurant.

    Alexandra and her adept team have achieved something exceptional – their efforts have yielded an immediate and substantial uptick (amounting to 10 percent) in both sales figures and physical store visits. I have a strong belief that the numbers will rise, as many businesses have turned to TikTok as a favored platform for gaining an edge. This outcome is particularly noteworthy given that such significant outcomes are typically associated with high-budget endeavors like million-dollar television commercials accompanied by extensive billboard placements.

    TikTok stands as a social media platform akin to Instagram and Twitter. However, a pivotal distinction lies in the nature of content sharing. Unlike Instagram’s focus on photo sharing and Twitter’s emphasis on text-based updates, TikTok centers around the dissemination of succinct, short-form videos, precisely clocking in at 15 seconds. Content creators on TikTok have the creative latitude to enhance their videos with a blend of sounds, songs, special effects, and filters. Users of the platform can engage with the content by expressing appreciation through likes, leaving comments, and sharing videos within the community.

    Some pairings just go perfectly together – like burgers and French fries, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and in the online world, smartphones, and TikTok. This popular social media platform is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, even surpassing Google to become the most visited website on the internet since 2021.

    Other restaurants just like Lafleur have shared some intriguing data regarding their use of TikTok. What does this mean for you? Well, considering TikTok marketing for your restaurant can be a wise decision. Let me give you a four reasons why.

    • 36% of TikTok users have dined at or ordered from a restaurant after seeing a video about it on TikTok (and that number increases to 65% among content creators)
    • 55% of users visited a restaurant after seeing its appetizing food on TikTok
    • 51% of users visited a restaurant after seeing a unique menu item on TikTok
    • 20% of users have dined at a restaurant in a different location after seeing it on TikTok

    Numbers based on a survey by the marketing agency MGH:

    Lafleur has ingrained itself deeply within the collective consciousness of Quebec culture, attaining a level of prominence marked by unparalleled growth since 1951. Unlike many other restaurants, Lafleur’s expansion has triggered interest from various corners of the province, with demands to establish restaurants in different cities.

    It’s worth noting that while impactful TikTok campaigns hold their allure, the linchpin of sustained success lies in offering a stellar product. The return patronage to Lafleur isn’t solely attributed to Lucie Lafleur’s presence; rather, it’s predominantly driven by the restaurant’s exceptional offerings.

    It’s worth noting that Lafleur offers much more than just hot dogs and burgers. Their poutine is especially delicious and shouldn’t be missed. Although this dish is often associated with the restaurant, it’s only a small part of their extensive menu. They are experimenting with new offerings that are sure to be the mainstays on their menu. When you visit a Lafleur restaurant, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience. The food there is so comforting, it feels like it’s nourishing your soul. (For a full review go to

    You can learn more about our viral Restaurant Lafleur campaign here.