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White Castle celebrates selling over 29 billion sliders since 1921

    White Castle, the legendary palace of patties, has just pulled off a culinary feat that even the beefiest of imaginations couldn’t have conjured up! Picture this: the mecca of munchies, the hallowed grounds of hunger satisfaction, the one and only White Castle, has danced its way past a milestone that’s as jaw-dropping as it is stomach-filling.

    29 billion of those succulent, sizzling sliders have been devoured by hungry souls like you and me! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, these delectable bite-sized beauties – the Original Slider, the Cheese Slider, and the tantalizing Jalapeno Cheese Slider – have collectively rocked the taste buds of the nation and beyond.

    White Castle’s menu has become synonymous with Slider-sized sandwiches. Today’s restaurants offer a wide array of Sliders, from beef and chicken to fish and plant-based protein. Five types of Sliders, including Original beef and chicken Sliders, are sold in food retailers big and small in all 50 states.

    white castle burger 1921 2

    Now, imagine a parade of sliders marching through our dreams and taste fantasies, each one adding a notch to that grand total. It’s like the sliders have formed their own burger army, and they’re on a conquest to fill our hearts (and stomachs) with joy. They’ve stormed into the mouths of delighted customers not just within the walls of their iconic restaurants, but they’ve also launched slider missions to food retailers all across the land. It’s a revolution of flavor, a rebellion of scrumptiousness, and the sliders are leading the charge!

    “The thought of 29 billion can be difficult to grasp, but when you break it down, it all begins with one idea from a pioneer 102 years ago and one tasty little burger,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Our recipe for success is treating every burger sold like it is someone’s first time experiencing White Castle. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a lifelong Craver, hot and tasty 100% beef steam grilled on a bed of onions served on a bun from our own bakeries is what you’re craving, and satisfying that craving is what White Castle has delivered, 29 billion times over.”

    Here are some fun ways to visualize 29 billion White Castle Sliders:

    • Stacking them vertically on top of the other would reach 7.5 billion feet tall, or more than 260,000 Mt. Everests!
    • Placing them end-to-end would stretch more than 1.4 million miles, or three round trips from Earth to the moon and back. They would also circle the Earth over 57 times!
    • Laid flat, the 29 billion Sliders would cover a land area equivalent to Washington, D.C.
    • In terms of volume, the 29 billion sliders would fill nearly 8 Empire State Buildings!

    So, next time you sink your teeth into one of those little marvels, take a moment to reflect on the epic journey it’s been on – from a sizzling grill to your eagerly waiting taste buds, through countless moments of gastronomic delight. And remember, you’re not just eating a slider; you’re indulging in a piece of history, a bite of the 29 billion-strong burger saga that White Castle has masterfully cooked up.