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Heinz celebrates American cuisine with ‘saucemerica’ sachet collection

    Saucemerica Poster

    Whenever I dine out, I tend to receive packets of condiments, such as ketchup, which I usually toss into my kitchen compartments and forget about. As time passes, the packets become bloated and it’s unclear when the expiry dates are. Recently, Heinz has proposed a new plan for collecting collector ketchup packets.

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    HEINZ is introducing a new and exclusive line of condiment packets called The United States of Saucemerica Collection. This limited-edition collection consists of fifty unique designs inspired by each state’s most popular dish, such as Idaho’s French Fries and Wisconsin’s Fried Cheese Curds. These Saucemerica packets are available in seven different HEINZ condiment varieties. Starting in June and running until the end of August, HEINZ invites fans to collect as many packets as they can and share them on By doing so, they will have a chance to win up to $500,000 worth of exciting prizes, with the grand prize being an incredible $100,000.

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    According to HEINZ Away from Home’s Brand Manager, Devaang Sibal, collecting has become a popular trend among enthusiasts, ranging from artwork to coins, stamps, and more. However, the HEINZ packet is one of the most unexpected collectibles, which has become a staple for on-the-go individuals. HEINZ fans worldwide collect boxes and keep them in their homes, bags, and cars, ensuring they always have a condiment backup. The Saucemerica Collection is an exciting homage to this fan behavior, featuring unique designs that evoke hometown pride and offering multiple opportunities for fans to win prizes.

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    Each Saucemerica packet features either HEINZ Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, Real Mayonnaise, Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Tartar Sauce, or Simply Ketchup, and the packet designs draw inspiration from the most beloved dishes from each of the fifty states. From a Maryland Crab Cake-inspired Tartar Sauce packet to Texas Brisket BBQ Sauce, HEINZ carefully paired each state with the condiment variety that best enhances the dish spotlighted.

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    Through the end of August, fans can collect the Saucemerica packets at restaurants, drive-thrus, theme parks, movie theaters, stadiums, and more across the country. To ensure consumers can collect as many unique packs as possible all summer long, every participating operator will receive a mix of states throughout June, July, and August, depending on which of the seven HEINZ condiment varieties they feature on their menu.

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    Fans who want to participate for a chance to win prizes can follow these easy steps to submit each new state packet they collect and keep track of what they’ve collected, thus far:

    1. Visit and register for an account
    2. Log into your account and visit the Saucemerica Hub
    3. Click Add to the Collection and select the state for which you want to upload your packet photo
    4. Upload your photo and click “send it”!
    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    After fans submit a photo of their newest state packet, HEINZ will verify the photo, and then they will see their “Saucemerica Map” update to indicate their submission has been counted. Consumers are also encouraged to “Take a Spin Around America” each day to win one of over 1,000 instant win prizes. At the end of August, participating fans will be entered for a chance to win prizes ranging from $500 to a $100,000 grand prize, based on how many unique packets they collected.1

    Heinz saucemerica sachet

    The new Saucemerica Collection supports HEINZ’s first-ever global creative platform, “It Has to be HEINZ,” which pays homage to its fans by celebrating the irrational love people have for HEINZ– from real fans’ personal love affairs with the brand to the love and care its products are made with. Inspired by real fan stories, including those who always keep condiment packets on hand for “sauce emergencies,” the brand lives its new purpose with the Saucemerica Collection, uplifting and celebrating this beloved behavior.

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    To learn more about the Saucemerica Collection and for full rules and regulations, please visit And to keep up with all things HEINZ, follow @Heinz on Instagram and @Heinz_us on TikTok.