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Ghost Toast: New Cinnamon Toast Kit Kats

    There’s a ghost of a chance that the new “Ghost Toast” Kit Kat flavor will become the hit of Halloween this fall. These innovative Kit Kats feature a unique cinnamon toast-flavored crème, offering a fresh twist on the traditional treat. While cinnamon toast might not typically scream Halloween (and toast isn’t exactly a ghostly food), I’m eagerly anticipating this new addition.

    This marks the debut of this distinctive flavor, which will be available in the classic four-bar format. Additionally, for those who prefer smaller portions or need a convenient option for trick-or-treaters, it will also come in bags of two-bar mini packs. Whether you’re planning to share them on beggars’ night or enjoy them all by yourself, this exciting new release is sure to add some extra flavor to the Halloween season.

    Two previous Kit Kat releases bear a spooky resemblance to this new flavor. Back in 2019, we were treated to Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat bars in the United States. The key difference between those and the new Ghost Toast offering is that the Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats were crafted with cinnamon-flavored milk chocolate, while Ghost Toast skips the milk chocolate entirely, opting for a purely flavored crème.

    So, whether you’re a fan of cinnamon, a Kit Kat connoisseur, or just here for the spooky season treats, Ghost Toast Kit Kats promise a ghoulishly good time.