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Edwards Desserts Serve up a Slice of Anniversary Apple “American Pie”

    Edwards Desserts is collaborating with actor Jason Biggs, celebrated as America’s biggest pie lover, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his iconic role in “American Pie.” Released by Universal Pictures in the summer of 1999, “American Pie” introduced audiences to the most unforgettable pie scene in cinematic history. In honor of this milestone, Edwards Desserts has launched the Pie Lovers Unite campaign, bringing Biggs back together with a delectable pie in a family-friendly, modern twist on the original scene.

    In the short film “The Repeat,” fans will enjoy a nostalgic nod to the classic moment as Biggs finds himself in a familiar predicament. Upon arriving home, he discovers a pie and a note on the kitchen counter. Despite his best efforts to resist, a surprising twist leads to the pie being devoured, culminating in Biggs’ famous line, “Well, I guess we’ll just tell your mother we ate it all.”

    In addition to reimagining this memorable scene, Edwards Desserts is offering another special treat for fans. The new limited-edition Anniversary Apple pie, inspired by the original film, comes with a piece of “American Pie” memorabilia. This delightful pie features a vanilla cookie crust, spiced apple pie compote, salted caramel, white chocolate Chantilly cream, and crunchy caramelized white chocolate pearls. Pie enthusiasts nationwide can enter for a chance to win this exclusive pie and memorabilia by visiting from Tuesday, June 11 to Wednesday, June 26.