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General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch mini fridge will be big

    General Mills' new Cinnamon Toast Crunch-themed mini fridge

    General Mills’ new Cinnamon Toast Crunch-themed mini fridge is a tabletop fridge to store breakfast essentials such as cereal and milk. This is sure to be a hit with the line of minis cereal versions of the popular General Mills cereals.  Mini is the new big!

    Everything is better when Mini. That’s why General Mills has created a Minis Breakfast Bundle to minify your morning and complement the nationwide release of its new Minis cereal, teeny versions of fan-favorites Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix and REESE’S PUFFS, following an initial limited drop. The bundle is complete with mini kitchen items for cooking up an itsy-bitsy breakfast, as well as even mini-er surprises for fans to use on the back-of-the-box kitchens.  

    Fans can cook up some breakfast creativity with the Minis Breakfast Bundle which includes:  

    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mini Fridge: This table-top fridge is perfect for storing all your mini breakfast essentials from cereal to your favorite choice of milk 
    • Trix Mini Utensil Set features: This Trix-inspired cooking set features the tools you need to make mini Trix pancakes and waffles 
    • REESE’S PUFFS Mini Muffin Mold: A silicone mini mold makes it easy to bake our mini cereals into muffins  

    “After we saw such a positive reaction with our initial Minis drop, we wanted to bring fans an even bigger, mini surprise,” said Mindy Murray, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills. “By shrinking the kitchen to match our Minis cereals, new culinary creativity is unlocked and the entire breakfast experience is transformed. We can’t wait to see the fun families cook up together!” 

    Fans can also score stickers inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix and REESE’S PUFFS to decorate the mini kitchens printed on the back of the cereal boxes for the ultimate meta, mini breakfast experience.

    Cereal lovers can purchase the exclusive kitchen items at for $45 while supplies last. Minis cereals are available now at retailers.

    Fun Fact: Cinnamon Toast Crunch was invented by scientist John Mendesh and General Mills assistant product manager Elisabeth Trach after receiving the idea from an unnamed child in a “give us your best idea for a cereal” radio contest held by General Mills. The child received a set of Hot Wheels toys as a grand prize