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French’s new outlandish Ketchup Cotton Candy

    frenchs ketchup cotton candy

    French’s has a history of experimenting with the flavors of its traditional condiments, infusing them with various unexpected ingredients such as beer, donuts, popsicles, and even ice cream. The latest partnership brings forth an intriguing creation: Ketchup Cotton Candy. Developed in collaboration with Treats for Us, a Canadian confectionery company, this unusual treat promises a delightful combination of lightness, sweetness, and savory undertones.

    “I started Treats for Us to offer Canadians custom, locally-made concession favourites,” says Treats for Us Founder, Laurens Gerlings. “So, when French’s suggested partnering to create something never done before, combining the taste of Canada – French’s Ketchup – with the nostalgic flavour of summer – cotton candy – I was in. We’ve created the soon-to-be iconic, French’s Ketchup Cotton Candy.”

    The trend of ketchup-flavored potato chips has gained a dedicated following in Canada, with enthusiasts of this distinctive snack showcasing their openness to exploring other condiment-inspired treats for a truly enjoyable taste experience. Those seeking culinary adventures will surely be enticed to sample this unconventional flavor, as well as future surprising collaborations from French’s.

    “In 2022, Canadians tried and raved about our French’s Ketchup Ice Pops. In 2023, we’re back with another summer ‘spinoff’ – French’s Ketchup Cotton Candy,” said Trevor Squires, Country Manager, for McCormick & Company, Canada. “We love celebrating local food and flavour; from the roots of French’s Ketchup, made with 100 percent Canadian tomatoes, to our Treats for Us partnership.”

    To obtain Ketchup Cotton Candy, interested individuals can visit select locations in Ontario and British Columbia. Additionally, for each serving of Ketchup Cotton Candy distributed, French’s will donate two meals to Food Banks Canada, making this indulgence an opportunity to support a worthy cause.