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Fortune cookie messages will now be written by AI


    Fortune Cookies: Do you really want AI to predict your future?

    OpenFortune, one of the fastest-growing media platforms that deliver creative advertising via fortune cookies at 47,000 restaurants in the U.S., has announced a transformational shift in its content creation strategy by embracing OpenAI’s ChatGPT for writing fortune messages. This move will enable OpenFortune to effectively provide an unlimited number of completely new, unique fortunes to millions of consumers dining at restaurants and at home, all while maintaining the integrity of traditional fortune cookies.

    Throughout the 100+ year history of the fortune cookie, only several thousand fortunes have been in circulation.

    ai fortune cookies

    After extensive market research, OpenFortune determined that the AI-driven platform produces never-before-written and more appealing fortunes, at an exponentially faster rate. This ensures that people are less likely to receive the same message as their dining companion and creates a more personalized fortune cookie experience. As a result, OpenFortune has decided to utilize ChatGPT for its fortune content. Some examples of the fortunes generated by ChatGPT include:

    • “You will soon have a delightful encounter with a stranger who will add a pinch of spice to your life’s recipe.”
    • “A harmonious melody will soon drift into your world, guiding you to dance with destiny.”
    • “You will experience a serendipitous moment that will bring you closer to a long-held dream.”
    • “Seek harmony within yourself, and the world around you will follow suit.”

    “The most common feedback we receive from consumers is that they want to see new, refreshed, unique fortunes,” said Matt Williams, CEO of OpenFortune. “By harnessing the power of AI, we are revolutionizing, yet maintaining, the traditional fortune cookie experience for consumers, while providing our advertising partners with seemingly endless creative capabilities.”

    OpenFortune‘s inventive approach to advertising combines the power of brand messaging with the nostalgic appeal of fortune cookies. By featuring brand messaging on the back of the fortune slip, OpenFortune provides a timely opportunity for advertisers to engage with consumers in an emotionally engaging manner.

    While the integration of ChatGPT signifies OpenFortune’s commitment to continuous innovation, its copywriting team will remain intact as creative thinking ultimately drives the success of this innovative media format. AI-driven fortunes set a new standard for fortune cookies, allowing them to continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

    Fun Fact: When Japanese immigrants who moved to the U.S. settled in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The fortune cookie recipe from Kyoto came with them, and the treats started to pop up in bakeries in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the early 1900s.