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Dunkin unveils new inflatable donut pool

    Dunkin’ has kicked off the scorching hot summer of 2023 with a burst of excitement, introducing a vibrant and playful assortment of summer merchandise. Among the thrilling lineup of products, one particular gem stands out and promises to bring a splash of fun and whimsy to your poolside escapades – the much-anticipated Inflatable Donut Pool!

    The sheer sight of this eye-catching pool accessory will leave everyone around you in awe, and you won’t be able to resist the temptation to dive right in and make a splash! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Inflatable Donut Pool embraces the iconic Dunkin’ theme, showcasing the brand’s signature colors and logo in a way that radiates a delightful, summery vibe.

    The magic doesn’t end with the pool, though! Dunkin’ has ingeniously curated an array of trendy summer merch to elevate your style and outdoor recreation game. Get ready to flaunt your love for Dunkin’ in the most fashionable way possible with their chic and comfy crop tops, perfect for soaking up the sun in style while sipping on your favorite iced coffee concoction.

    The new Dunkin’ Iced Merch collection includes:

    • Inflatable Donut Pool ($58)
    • Dunkin’ Iced Beach Towel ($38)
    • Beach Tote and Cupholder ($45)
    • Pickleball Set ($59)
    • Crop Top ($22)
    • Oversized Pocket Tee ($30)

    For those who prefer an active and spirited pastime, the Dunkin’ summer merch collection boasts a pickleball set that guarantees hours of lively play and friendly competition. Unleash your competitive side or simply enjoy a leisurely game with friends, all the while reveling in the delightful warmth of the summer season.

    All of these exciting items will be available starting July 19, 2023, just in time for the peak of summer’s scorching embrace. So mark your calendars and be prepared to immerse yourself in the playful world of Dunkin’s summer merch collection.

    Whether you’re lounging in the Inflatable Donut Pool, strutting your stuff in a trendy crop top, or engaging in spirited matches with the pickleball set, Dunkin’ has thoughtfully crafted this collection to ensure you savor the season to the fullest.

    So, indulge your passion for all things iced and make this summer a memorable one with Dunkin’s sensational summer merch. Dive into the pool of fun, express your love for Dunkin’ with fashion-forward crop tops, and experience the joy of playful competition with the pickleball set – it’s a summer celebration you won’t want to miss!

    Quantities are limited and will only be available for purchase online at Merch will only be available until supplies last.