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Dark side of the loon: Moonberry Twinkies

    Many believe the moon is made of cheese. Never knew they had moon-berries on the moon. Is that why NASA wants to go back to the moon? I am not feeling the love for Moonberry Twinkies. These latest Twinkies look like charcoal filled with cream. Sorry Hostess, I have to pass. You will only find them in Walmart.

    “The shell of the Moonberry Twinkies are noticeably different from the original, dark blue in color as opposed to the classic color of vanilla cake. A representative from Hostess says that the dark blue sponge cake is supposed to mimic the night sky, for an outer space-style experience. The creamy filling the Twinkie is always stuffed with is also a little different in this new treat — the cream is “moonberry”-flavored, which is smooth, sweet and just a little bit fruity. Think all the berries you can think of, blended into one.”

    Fun Fact: The name Twinkie was inspired by a billboard for the Twinkle Toe Shoe Company.