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Dairy-free your mind with new So Delicious Dairy-Free Wondermilk Frozen Desserts

    More than 80% of American households have ice cream in their freezer—but only a fraction of those (~11%) are dairy-free offerings. Why? Many consumers believe that dairy-free alternatives just don’t stack up to traditional dairy frozen desserts; in fact, a recent survey found that among mostly plant-based U.S. consumers, around two-thirds always choose the dairy version of ice cream, while only around a quarter will consider dairy-free alternatives.

    Challenge accepted by the culinary masterminds at So Delicious Dairy Free, a leader in dairy-free products for more than 30 years. So Delicious is scooping up the traditional ice cream crowd with Wondermilk, a new line of dairy-free frozen desserts that are so rich and creamy, you won’t believe they’re not from a cow. So Delicious Wondermilk was created by flavor visionaries and made for dairy lovers who have yet to discover just how delicious dairy-free can be…until now.

    Full of creamy, daringly dreamy deliciousness, these innovative, legendary (or should we say, legend-no-dairy) new frozen desserts were crafted with a unique blend of dairy-free ingredients specially designed to deliver on key attributes of traditional dairy, like the sweetly balanced taste and creamy texture. The “wonder” of Wondermilk comes to life when you grab a spoon and dig into an out-of-this-world experience.

    So Delicious Wondermilk Frozen Desserts are available in five-pint flavors and two cone flavors—all of which are Vegan Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified— rolling out in grocery stores nationwide.

    • So Delicious Wondermilk Frozen Dessert Pints :
      • Buttery Pecan features rich caramel and pecans swirled into a magical frozen dessert
      • Vanilla delivers indulgent vanilla flavor with every spoonful of out-of-this-world deliciousness
      • Chocolate Cocoa Chip has rich cocoa swirled into each delicious bite
      • Cookies & Crème offers delectable cookies and crème that will make you say, “this is love!” with every bite
      • Strawberry is full of strawberries for a bright taste of sweet, sweet amazement
    • So Delicious Wondermilk Frozen Sundae Cones:
      • Salted Caramel is the cone of your dreams with luscious salted caramel flavor and chocolatey swirls blended into a legend-no-dairy dessert
      • Vanilla Peanut cones are like a rocket ship ride to pure delight with vanilla-flavored deliciousness, crunchy peanut toppings and smooth chocolatey swirls

    “Let’s face it, people are still skeptical about dairy-free alternatives, especially when it comes to ice cream,” said John Starkey, president of plant-based food and beverages, at Danone North America. “We asked ourselves if we could do something revolutionary—transform the right blend of dairy-free ingredients to create deliciousness that rivals the rich and creamy attributes of dairy ice cream. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to capture that magic, and now So Delicious Wondermilk is raising the bar for the entire dairy-free frozen dessert category, further disrupting the shelves as the brand has done for more than 30 years.”

    While scooping up the new frozen desserts, you can also find So Delicious Wondermilk as a smooth, creamy dairy-free beverage—made with a blend of smooth oats, creamy coconuts and soy—that comes in Whole Fat and Reduced Fat varieties. It is a culinary must-have to add to your favorite recipes, your morning latte or to enjoy all on its own.