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New, limited edition Cup Noodles Breakfast

    Cup Noodles Breakfast

    Cup Noodles Breakfast is described as the same instant noodles with the “breakfast flavors” of pancakes, maple syrup, sausage and eggs. Cup Noodles’ new ramen flavor puts your breakfast cravings into a cup for your eating pleasures. The high price of eggs and other breakfast, staples are forcing some to look for cheaper breakfast alternatives. How about ramen?

    Wake up and smell the noodles! Nissin Foods USA is stirring up morning appetites with the launch of Cup Noodles Breakfast, the first ramen product for the most important meal of the day. Satisfying the cravings of breakfast fans and noodle enthusiasts alike, the new limited-edition flavor will be available exclusively at Walmart beginning March 29.

    Understanding the hustles of the morning grind, the saucy Cup Noodles Breakfast is ready to eat in just four minutes and served in the brand’s iconic cup packaging making it easy to enjoy both on the go and at home.

    breakfast ramen noodles

    Priscila Stanton, senior vice president and marketing for Nissin Foods USA, compared it to a “classic diner breakfast in a cup,” without the hassle of making a full meal with all of those ingredients.

    Fun Fact: If you’ve ever wondered just how long the noodles are in an instant ramen packet, you’re not alone. That’s why instant ramen was officially measured at 167 feet. That’s the equivalent of two basketball courts of delicious ramen yumminess.