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Use Your Noodle: Cup Noodles celebrates 50 Years of originality with the search for the next great food innovator contest

    Cup Noodles

    To celebrate 50 years of Cup Noodles innovation, show us your greatest food idea, gadget, flavor mash-up and more that could rock the industry as part of our “Use Your Noodle” innovation contest!

    Nissin Foods, the inventor of Cup Noodles, celebrates its 50th anniversary by calling on all budding culinary minds to submit original ideas for the “Use Your Noodle” innovation contest, which acknowledges the creative, unconventional possibilities in the food industry starting on Sept. 18 – the brand’s birthday. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, originality, and quality by acclaimed teen chef and social media talent Eitan Bernath and Nissin Foods President and CEO Michael J. Price.

    Just like Nissin’s founder Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen, Cup Noodles wants innovators, entrepreneurs, cooks, and community leaders to use their noodles to come up with original food concepts, products, ideas, or unexpected flavors that could transform the food industry. One visionary will win $50,000 to help bring their bold food idea to the world.

    “Innovation is the cornerstone of Nissin Foods,” said Price. “Mr. Ando believed ‘peace will come to the world when there is enough food,’ and that revolutionized the industry with the debut of Cup Noodles in 1971. Today, the brand is sold in 100 countries worldwide, selling 50 billion Cup Noodles products to date. This anniversary marks a major milestone for the brand as we continue to celebrate Cup Noodles as a global food innovator and fan-favorite, cultural mainstay.”

    How to enter: Entries don’t need to be Cup Noodles-related but should be food-focused and inspired by the noodle makers’ beginnings and history of bold creativity. Submit a short video (no more than 1 minute in length) on your personal Instagram or Twitter feed, using the hashtag #UseYourNoodleContest to share your most innovative food idea, the inspiration behind it, and how it could revolutionize the food industry or pop culture. Be sure to tag @OriginalCupNoodles on Instagram or @OrigCupNoodles on Twitter so we can see your creative ideas.

    I’m honored to celebrate Cup Noodles’ 50th birthday by helping an aspiring innovator disrupt the way we think about food,” said Bernath. “Inspired by Mr. Ando and his belief that ‘inspiration leads to invention,’ the ‘Use Your Noodle’ contest not only honors and celebrates the brand’s history of innovation, but also encourages the next generation of culinary thinkers to dream big for a chance to turn their ideas into reality!”

    Call for entries will close on October 17, 2021. For complete submission guidelines and official rules to enter the “Use Your Noodle” innovation contest, visit