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The last straw: Taiwan plans to ban straws

    Taiwan is home to some of the coolest drinks such as fresh fruit juices, soy milk, and smoothies. However, they are having a problem with plastic straws. The straws end up in the waterways, and wildlife and mix with Taiwan’s food supply.  The country’s most popular export is boba or bubble tea and without a straw, it renders the novelty useless.  You need a straw to drink boba. Taiwan plans to have plastic straws and cups banned by 2030. Plastic straws are now outlawed in parts of Florida. California wants to take the ban statewide. The eyes of the world are looking for a biodegradable-straw solution.

    “Biodegradable plastic straws aren’t available in boba-size options; paper straws are problematic because they become saturated with moisture too quickly. Reusable options, like silicone and metal, are prohibitively expensive at around $1 apiece, and niche products like bamboo boba straws can cost twice that.”

    There is hope on the horizon. Loliware, a U.S.-based start-up introduced “the world’s first edible, hyper compostable straw aimed at replacing plastic straws.” The straws come in multiple flavors. Loliware’s founders have set a goal to replace 1 billion plastic straws, cups, and lids by 2020.