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jacks new unchicken sandwich 1

Scent of Fried Chicken Mask

    Seems this week the scented mask is making the rounds. Jack in the Box has the chicken-scented mask. It smells like fried chicken. What’s next the Filet-O-Fish scented mask?

    Breathable Bacon Mask 1

    Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Mask

      Imagine taking a whiff of bacon from your mask all day at work. It is bad enough I smell my own coffee breath. Hormel wants you to enjoy the sweet smell of bacon all day long. They have created a bacon-scented breathable mask. Hey, at least if I do contract Covis-19, I will be satisfied knowing I will die with bacon in my nostrils. These masks will be sizzlers.

      uncup 1

      Unocup the eco-friendly drinking cups

        Could this be the future of coffee drinking? The Unocup is a coffee cup with an origami lid that needs no plastic lid. The cup was created by Tom Chan, it is a 100% plastic-free. Long-time friend Kaanur Papo and Tom Chan both founded Unocup, in 2019.

        cooler volkswagon 1

        The Volkswagon Bulli Cool Box

          The VW Bulli T1 from the 1960s was the cult car of the love & peace generation. Now it’s back on the road: As a cool transporter, in which you can carry your drinks, snacks, salads, etc. while keeping them ice cold. It’s a genuine eye-catcher for every picnic, camping, or party location but also makes a cool decorative item at a buffet.

          snowglobe poutine 1

          Poutine Snow Globe

            Not exactly an essential service, Main and Local, the makers of “The Poutine Snow Globe” will definitely make your tummy warmer on those cold days.

            pampshade bread lamps 1

            Bread Lamps?

              Nothing like a lit-up baguette lamp to entice a romantic evening. Each baguette is made from bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, LEDs, and batteries. Pampshade creates a unique ambiance with illuminated bread, buns, and croissant.

              philadelphia bagel that 1

              The hole truth: Philadelphia bagel hole puncher

                Want to burn a hole in your pocket? Then you can punch bagel holes to your heart’s desire. Philadelphia Cream Cheese wants you to use their newly minted “Bagel That” hole puncher. Punch a hole in your bread, waffles and even tortilla and spread cheese as you please.

                sounds of snap crackle pop 1

                Rice Krispies: Amplified sounds of snap, crackle and pop

                  Here is another invention in a long list of products that we do not need in our everyday lives. Artist and designer Dominic Wilcox just wanted to make some noise with his latest invention. He invented a cereal bowl that amplifies the sound of Rice Krispies when they snap, crackle, and pop. Sir, you got our attention!

                  the donut toaster 1

                  A toaster that makes mini donuts

                    My mornings just got more interesting. Now I can make mini donuts on my toaster. The Donut Toaster comes with two silicone donut trays, each with molds for four donuts.