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The hole truth: Philadelphia bagel hole puncher

    Want to burn a hole in your pocket? Then you can punch bagel holes to your heart’s desire. Philadelphia Cream Cheese wants you to use their newly minted “Bagel That” hole puncher. Punch a hole in your bread, waffles, and even tortilla, and spread cheese as you, please. It looks tempting but I think I will pass. Side note: Bread without a hole means you spread more cream cheese. Just saying.

    “People love spreading Philadelphia Cream Cheese on bagels, but what happens if you’re craving Philly and don’t have a bagel?” Megan Magnuson, associate director of marketing for Philadelphia, said in the announcement. “We created a device to transform other food items into bagels. Have toast? Bagel That. A waffle? Bagel That. Even a tortilla? Bagel That too.”

    Fun Fact: Philadelphia, the best-selling cream cheese brand in the United States, wasn’t actually made in Pennsylvania. It was created in Chester, New York, in 1872. (Chester Cream Cheese, I think it has a nice ring to it.)