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Campbell’s Launching New Spicy Soups 

    Campbell’s is introducing an array of new soups this month, featuring an exciting lineup of bold, spicy flavors. Among the new offerings, you’ll find Spicy Tomato and Spicy Chicken Noodle, available in both cans and convenient microwaveable cups. The heat is on! There’s the Spicy Buffalo-Style Cream of Chicken and an updated version of Fiesta Nacho Cheese, now called Spicy Nacho Cheese.

    Its spicy chicken noodle soup boasts infused flavors of jalapeño and chili peppers, creating a robust and fiery taste experience. For those who enjoy a creamy twist, the spicy Buffalo-style cream of chicken soup incorporates cayenne pepper sauce for a bold kick. The spicy nacho cheese soup, on the other hand, combines red and jalapeño peppers to provide a savory and piquant flavor profile.

    Swanson’s line of spicy broths also includes a spicy chicken broth and a spicy beef broth. Both of these broths are crafted to add just the right amount of heat, perfect for elevating any dish with a subtle but noticeable spiciness, according to the company.

    With this diverse range of new products, Campbell’s is catering to those who crave a bit of heat in their meals, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.