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Barilla Brings Back Barilla Love Pasta With ‘The Pasta Promise’

    Barilla Brings Back Barilla Love Pasta With 'The Pasta Promise'

    Express your love in a uniquely delightful way with Barilla‘s heart-shaped pasta, the exquisite Barilla Love noodles. This charming pasta creation speaks volumes, conveying the sentiment of “I love you” through the playful shape of hearts. This St. Valentine’s Day, take charge of the kitchen and showcase your culinary prowess to ensure that you, not your wife or girlfriend, are the ones preparing this special meal. By doing so, you’re destined to emerge as the triumphant winner of the romantic celebration.

    First launched as a limited-time promotion in 2023, Barilla Love pasta won the hearts of pasta lovers with its recognizable taste, texture, and cook to al-dente perfection that they know and love from Barilla’s classic pasta. Its overwhelming popularity left no room for doubt – bringing back this romantic pasta for that special someone in your life was an easy decision. This Valentine’s, elevate your celebration with the charming and delectable Barilla Love, proving that the way to someone’s heart is indeed through their stomach.

    Pasta has universal appeal, making it a delightful addition to any romantic evening. Opt for a savory alternative and declare your affection with pasta instead of traditional sweets. This unconventional yet heartwarming gesture is sure to make your Valentine’s Day celebration one to remember, leaving a lasting impression on the one you cherish.

    Barilla Brings Back Barilla Love Pasta With 'The Pasta Promise'

    “The response to Barilla Love last year was so overwhelmingly positive, we had to go bigger and bolder for its second year,” said Jennifer Ping, Vice President of Marketing at Barilla US. “We’re thrilled to bring Barilla Love to select retail shelves nationwide, and celebrate the commonality that love, pasta, and beautiful jewelry come in all shapes and sizes.”

    To celebrate its return, Barilla is introducing The Pasta Promise – the commitment of a lifetime to always eat pasta with your loved one. To honor that promise, Barilla is offering consumers the opportunity to enter for a chance to win the Ring-a-toni: a set of two, Barilla Love-inspired diamond and ruby encrusted rings created by jewelry designer extraordinaire, Alison Lou, for you and yours.

    Feel the enchantment of love in the air as Barilla raises the stakes for this romantic season. Amidst the blossoming emotions, a golden opportunity awaits a Barilla pasta lover – the chance to win the exquisite ‘Ring-a-toni,’ a captivating duo of intricately designed, interlocking rings inspired by the exquisite beauty of pasta. This grand prize, with an awe-inspiring value of nearly $33,000, is set to elevate the celebration of love to unprecedented heights.

    Barilla Brings Back Barilla Love Pasta With 'The Pasta Promise'

    Barilla Love: This Valentine’s Day, a lucky pasta lover will win the customized ‘Ring-a-toni’

    The Barilla Ring-a-toni is made up of two one-of-a-kind rings that interlock; one is hand-painted in Barilla blue enamel that forms the shape of a heart when stacked together – the ultimate resemblance of the pasta shape. The other is a handset with a pave 14-carat gold 0.25-carat ruby band with a stunning lab-grown 3.51-carat white diamond bezel heart that sits in a center heart-shaped setting. The pair seamlessly interlock to create a beautiful Barilla-inspired set that sparkles in any light.

    “Like jewelry, pasta is an art form that takes love and time to create,” said Alison Chemla founder and creative director of New York-based jewelry brand Alison Lou. “As a lifelong pasta lover, I was inspired by the shape of the Barilla Love pasta – its smooth interior and ridged exterior. This shows up in small details within the rings – the heart-shaped diamond stone, the gold ridges that surround the center diamond, the Barilla blue enamel, and the smooth stacking ring up against the paved rubies – and is what makes it one-of-a-kind. I hope that these rings, and the winners’ love of pasta, get passed down for generations to come.”

    Fans looking to get their hands on a box of Barilla Love pasta can purchase it for a limited time only, while supplies last, at select grocery stores nationwide. The heart-shaped pasta can be found in special displays throughout grocery stores near the pasta aisle or in the seasonal sections.

    For Added Delicious Amore 
    Pasta lovers can also experience a full-scale menu takeover at Nordstrom Restaurant Group locations nationwide during the month of February, where all pasta recipes will feature Barilla Love. Diners can choose from the following Barilla Love recipes inspired by Nordstrom that are featured on to try at home as well:

    • Barilla Love with Bolognese & Meatballs: Feel the love with this classic Bolognese that has a creamy twist and is served over Barilla Love Pasta.
    • Barilla Love with Spicy Shrimp Pomodoro: Barilla Love Pasta featuring shrimp over blistered tomato sauce spiced up with Calabrian peppers.
    • Barilla Love with Chicken Lemon: This zesty, buttery, lemony dish featuring Barilla Love Pasta will find its way to your heart.
    • Barilla Love Mac & Cheese (for kids): This simple yet delicious mac & cheese is one of our favorites and is made even more special with Barilla Love Pasta.

    Oh, you didn’t know: There is a vast array of more than 600 distinct pasta shapes, each serving a specific purpose, the world of pasta offers a delightful diversity. Ranging from long strands to shorter varieties and even intricately stuffed options, pasta caters to a myriad of culinary applications, making it an endlessly versatile ingredient. From enhancing the slurpability of soups with specific shapes to cradling delectable sauces in their textured crevices, certain pasta varieties excel in holding flavor.