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7-Eleven expands with new Vitaminwater Zero Sugar Slurpee

    7-Eleven slurpee

    7-Eleven has just announced the expansion of its Slurpee drink lineup with the debut of its new limited-edition Vitaminwater Zero Sugar LOOK Slurpee.

    “Our customers are always looking to us to deliver unique and innovative products, and we love blending our beloved proprietary beverages with popular national brands,” said 7-Eleven Director of Proprietary Beverages Ben Boulden. “Even in the chilly temperatures, this sugar-free Slurpee drink – served at a frosty 28 degrees – makes for a tasty, wintry treat sure to delight tastebuds.”

    7-Eleven slurpee vitaminwater

    This mouthwatering Slurpee drink – boasting a bright purple hue – is perfect for those who prefer a sugar-free option but also want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Customers can keep it “cool” this winter with the Vitaminwater Zero Sugar LOOK Slurpee or sip on a variety of classic Slurpee drink flavors such as Coca-Cola and Cherry.

    Fun Facts: The most popular 7-Eleven Slurpee drinks are Coke and cherry.