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What came first? The egg, the chicken, or WunderEggs?


    WunderEggs are the world’s first whole food, plant-based hard-boiled eggs and Crafty Counter thinks you’re going to love them. Dress up everything from avocado toast to pasta and salads with our new plant-based eggs!


    Who says you can’t have your egg and eat it too? Eating plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner is now more fun than ever with WunderEggs – the most true-to-life vegan eggs ever made!

    Made from 100% plants, WunderEggs was inspired by founder Hema Reddy’s desire to create high-quality, convenient, and minimally-processed plant-based foods that are good for your body, the planet, and the chickens!

    WunderEggs have a shelf life of 120 days and need to be refrigerated.

    Fun Fact: There are several reasons why commonly we eat chicken eggs instead of duck or turkey eggs. Chickens lay more eggs, they need less nesting space, and they don’t have the strong mothering instincts of turkeys and ducks, which makes egg collection easier.