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Would you eat Van Leeuwen’s new Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream?

    Hidden Valley Ranch and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

    Are you man enough to eat Hidden Valley Ranch and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream’s new ice cream offering of ranch flavor French ice cream?

    Hidden Valley Ranch and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream are joining forces to bring ranch and ice cream an exclusive ice cream flavor – Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream – for a limited offering in honor of National Ranch Day! 

    The Hidden Valley Ranch flavor is one of many in Van Leeuwen’s new Walmart spring lineup, including Sweet Maple Cornbread, Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Honey Graham Cracker and Limoncello Cake.

    The Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream boasts the savory flavors of the ranch, including buttermilk, flavorful herbs and a touch of sweetness, creating a delicious treat that pairs perfectly with salty snacks. And just like you would enjoy ranch with your favorite foods, you can top this limited-edition ice cream with things like crushed potato chips or pretzels.

    Starting March 20th, the exclusive, limited-time ice cream will be available at 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide to purchase for $4.98. 

    Fun Fact: Ranch dressing was created in 1949 by a plumber-turned-cowboy. Steve Henson started cooking for his coworkers and perfecting his buttermilk dressing recipe. Five years later he moved to California with his wife Gayle and bought a ranch. His famous buttermilk dressing soon became a staple at the dinner table of Hidden Valley Ranch.