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Why AriZona iced tea is still 99 cents after twenty-plus years

    Since its introduction in 1998, the colossal “Great Buy! 99¢” can of AriZona Iced Tea has become an iconic sight, seemingly omnipresent. The intriguing question that arises is how does AriZona manage to turn a profit with such an affordable price tag? Remarkably, the 99-cent can itself serves as the linchpin of AriZona’s advertising strategy. These cans, emblazoned with their unmistakable logo, essentially act as mobile billboards for the brand, strategically positioned in the hands of consumers all over.

    The ubiquity of these cans is a clever form of advertising, and the can itself serves as an effective marketing tool for the company. While they indeed offer other products in varying formats, AriZona ensures that their pricing remains competitive with other brands in the iced tea industry. The iconic aluminum can is the gateway to the AriZona brand, drawing consumers in with the promise of a substantial beverage for less than a dollar, an enticing proposition that continues to resonate with a broad customer base.

    AriZona’s commitment to maintaining this formula highlights its understanding of the psychological appeal of an affordable, substantial drink, which has kept its consumers loyal for years. In a world of fluctuating prices and economic uncertainties, the enduring 99-cent can of AriZona Iced Tea is a reassuring constant.

    Furthermore, it’s worth noting that AriZona’s product range extends beyond beverages. They also distribute packed trays of tortilla chip products, featuring delectable options like “Nachos ‘n’ Cheese” and “Salsa ‘n’ Chips.” This diversification of their product line allows them to tap into the snacking market, complementing their beverages and expanding their presence in the food and beverage industry.

    AriZona Iced Tea’s ability to thrive with its 99-cent can lies in its strategic use of these cans as both a cost-effective advertising medium and a magnet for budget-conscious consumers. By maintaining this approach and diversifying their offerings, AriZona has solidified its place as a recognizable and enduring brand in the market.

    Fun Fact: AriZona’s President Don Vultaggio invites employees to celebrate his birthday by wearing pajamas while he makes them pancakes.