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What is the oldest cereal in existence in the cereal aisle

    popeye and wheatena

    Cereal brands come and go each year in cereal aisles. Some stayed the course from the beginning. Standards such as Corn Flakes and Rice Crispies have been there forever. But which cereal is the oldest of them? You will be surprised that it is not made by one of the major cereal makers but rather by a small player who stayed the course with their product.

    wheatena oldest cereal

    Wheatena is the longest cereal on your grocery shelves since 1879. At one time, Wheatena sponsored a popular Popeye radio show in the 30s and substituted the famous spinach source of his strength for Wheatena. The cereal has passed many hands since 1879, it is now owned by Homestat Farm, Ltd.

    In 1879, a small bakery owner on Mulberry Street in lower New York City began roasting whole wheat, grinding it and selling it in packages branded Wheatena.  Soon, it began appearing in local newspapers and the rest is history! Wheatena is a healthy high-fiber cereal that has been popular for over a century!

    wheatens popeye ad

    “Wheatena’s me diet, I ax ya to try it, I’m Popeye the Sailor man! Toot. Toot.”

    Wheatena sponsored the Popeye radio program from September 10, 1935, through March 28, 1936. During that time, 87 episodes aired on the NBC Red Network. Wheatena is said to have paid King Features $1,200 per week for the rights to the sailor.