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What happened to Quisp the Quaker space alien mascot?

    quisp crunchy corn cereal

    It’s not every day that you see Quaker’s Quisp cereal on grocery shelves or if at all. Most likely you buy it directly through Amazon. The limited-quantity cereal still has its fans, it is still being produced on demand. Quisp has earned the nickname of the “First Internet Cereal”.

    Quisp cereal made its first appearance in 1965. It was enjoyed by kids due to the alien mascot on the box. The “crunchy corn cereal” pieces were often referred to as “saucer-shaped.” In 1963, the creators of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jay Ward and Bill Scott delivered Cap’n Crunch to Quaker. In 1964, they gave them Quisp a year later. The fun-loving Quisp the mascot has become a fan-favorite to collectors.

    One serving of Quisp has 12 grams of sugar which is just as much sugar as a glazed Dunkin’ doughnut.

    Quisp cereal began disappearing from grocery stores in the late 70s. It was re-introduced in the mid-’80s for a short time. It is available today, but almost exclusively via orders on the internet through Amazon.