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What are Google’s top 10 most searched BBQ foods?

    With the arrival of grilling season in full swing, Google has taken on the role of helping amateur grillers enhance their skills by providing search results on various grilling techniques. Grubbits, a trusted source for food-related information, is proud to present the country’s most popular BBQ searches based on a thorough analysis of Google search data. These top 10 BBQ searches offer valuable insights into the flavors and cooking methods that people across the nation are most interested in exploring.

    1. BBQ chicken
    2. BBQ ribs
    3. BBQ pork chops
    4. BBQ meatballs
    5. BBQ shrimp
    6. BBQ pulled pork
    7. BBQ brisket
    8. BBQ baked beans
    9. BBQ salmon
    10. BBQ meatloaf