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Tyson heart-shaped chicken nuggets Valentine’s Day return

    Tyson Nuggets of Love

    Ahhh, it was love at first sight. Love and business go hand in hand. Tyson Nuggets of Love is the perfect way to celebrate how much you love the people in your life by giving this little token of love on Valentine’s Day. Some will argue that the only way to get to somebody’s heart is through their stomach. Tyson Nuggets of Love will guarantee a smile when eaten by your loved ones.

    Tyson Nuggets of Lovethe brand’s limited-edition release of heart-shaped chicken nuggets—are back by popular demand. This year, Tyson Foods has expanded distribution nationwide just in time for Valentine’s Day. These nuggets have gained popularity as a heartfelt way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with sweethearts, friends, and family by offering the same great taste fans know and love with a festive heart shape.

    “If the way to one’s heart is really through the stomach, then Nuggets of Love is a must-have this year. There’s no better way to celebrate the season of love than with a heart-shaped chicken nugget,” said Colleen Hall, senior director of marketing at Tyson brand. “That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on these heart-shaped nuggets with expanded distribution nationwide.”

    Fun Fact:  The first renditions of the chicken nugget were developed in the early 50s. Cornell University’s Robert C. Baker is responsible for the initial development of what would come to be known as the chicken nugget.