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Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea VasectomUndies come to the rescue

    vasectomundies ice tea

    March Madness is known for basketball, but did you know that during the March Madness period, vasectomies go up by 30% compared to other months? According to urologists, March is the busiest time of year for vasectomies. Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea VasectomUndies comes to the rescue to cool down your tea bags during this delicate time. The undies come with two pouches to insert two cold cans of Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea so that your boys can feel less pain.

    Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea VasectomUndies, made with ultra-soft and soothing fabric, are THE boxer of choice for icing your balls while you watch athletes play with theirs. Early March is the most popular time for vasectomies in the U.S. for a good reason! As you cheer on your favorite team, special pockets hold 12 oz cans of Twisted Tea near and dear to your tea bags, icing and soothing to help you recover from “cutting down the nets.” Just insert a couple of cold cans, lay back and relax.