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Tim Hortons offers a ‘trick-or-treat’ bucket filled with Timbits

    Tim Hortons Timbits halloween

    Tim Hortons in the US and Canada are offering the Tim Hortons Trick or Treat Bucket for $9.99. It comes filled with 31 Timbits as a festive, spooky treat until October 31 at participating restaurants.

    The bucket can be refilled with Timbits for $5.00 or used to collect candy during trick-or-treating. You can also get the bucket on its own for $3.99 without Timbits. If my math is correct, you are better off buying the bucket and getting a refill for $8.99 in total.

    Fun Fact: 48% of Tim Hortons restaurants are in Ontario and 173 Tim Hortons restaurants are in Toronto.