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Thomas’ Expands Breakfast With Launch of New Croissant Bread

    Thomas’, renowned as the leading brand for grocery store English muffins and bagels across the United States, proudly unveils a significant expansion of its breakfast offerings. This exciting development comes in the form of their latest innovation, the Croissant Bread, which takes a delightful twist on the beloved traditional breakfast classic. This new creation seamlessly marries the buttery, flaky essence of a classic French pastry with the convenience of bread, offering an indulgent and convenient breakfast option.

    For those eager to experience the delectable marriage of a croissant and bread, Thomas’ Croissant Bread will be making its grand debut in the Northeastern region. This delightful treat will be readily available for consumers at a variety of well-known supermarket chains, including Safeway, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, The Giant Company, Giant Food, Price Chopper, Acme, Shaw’s, Tops, and Big Y. With this expansion, Thomas’ is bringing the mouthwatering appeal of Croissant Bread to an even wider audience, redefining breakfast in the process.

    Thomas’ makes breakfast even sweeter for fans with Croissant Bread

    Many people are no longer in a rush to leave their homes every morning and instead prefer to sit down and enjoy their breakfast at a leisurely pace. To cater to this demand, Thomas’ has come up with an innovative solution – Croissant Bread. This bread is made by baking the flaky, delicate layers of a croissant into a loaf that is sliced for convenience. This makes it easier for consumers to toast and add their favorite toppings, such as butter. The bread is made using high-quality ingredients and does not contain any high fructose corn syrup.

    “What makes Thomas’ Croissant Bread so uniquely good is that it’s made in a croissant-style lamination process resulting in 72 layers in each loaf to get that signature flakiness you expect from a croissant,” said Ted Swain, Director of Innovation for Thomas’ Breads.

    “At Thomas’, we’re always looking for new ways to evolve and create delicious products that will resonate with the ever-changing breakfast needs of our consumers,” said Mary Pitone, Brand Manager for Thomas’. “With a strategic pre-sliced design, our new Croissant Bread is more than just bread, it’s a way to give our fans their mornings back, especially during their busiest days. We are confident that this new product will bring its buttery, flaky goodness into each home, transforming normal breakfast occasions into memorable ones.”