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This Is Not Meat: UnMeat Vegan Luncheon Meat Alternative

    In a world where Aussie buffs of luncheon meat creations are, ironically, either dabbling in or wholeheartedly embracing veganism, there’s a newfound snacking delight that lets them have their “meat” and eat it too, all while savoring the sweet irony. Enter ‘unMEAT,’ the harbinger of vegan luncheon meats, which is poised to conquer the vast expanse of Australia’s Woolworths supermarkets.

    This vegan luncheon meat, hailing from the unMEAT brand Century Pacific, a conglomerate based in the Philippines, is strategically priced at the very echelon of its carnivorous counterpart. This pricing strategy is nothing short of shrewd, ensuring that the pesky price differential doesn’t serve as an impediment to enticing patrons to embark on their meat-free voyage.

    UnMEAT is 100% plant-based and non-GMO. It has a lot of GOOD to offer! It is a source of fiber and protein and with no preservatives added! It’s trans-fat-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free food too!

    As the curtains rise on this delicious vegan luncheon meat, Greg Banzon, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President of Century Pacific, delivers a not-so-surprising insight into the zeitgeist. It emerges at a time when Australians are seemingly engaging in a culinary dance with their carnivorous inclinations, actively seeking to reduce their meat consumption as if they are irresistibly drawn by some gravitational force. With a wry observation, Banzon states, “Consumers are clearly chasing food choices that promise better health and align with the planet’s interests. As purveyors of sustenance, it’s our responsibility to cater to these desires through innovative offerings and, more importantly, by leveling the price playing field to make the transition into the world of plant-based gastronomy accessible and affordable.”

    It’s like a culinary game of “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” à la Magritte! You know, that cheeky French painting that declared, “This is not a pipe.” So, here’s the conundrum: when do we stop pretending these goodies are anything like meat?

    In this age of gastronomic paradoxes, where meat lovers and vegans collide, ‘unMEAT‘ stands as a symbol of equilibrium, a mouthwatering ode to consumer demand, and perhaps, the dawn of an era where dietary choices are anything but predictable. After all, why sacrifice taste and tradition when you can have your vegan luncheon meat and eat it too?