There’s a new ruler on the candy scene with Reese’s Super King Peanut Butter Cups

All hail the new king! Reese’s Super King Peanut Butter Cups is sure to put a few smiles and calories in many. What a perfect substitute for a ruler. Beware, eating it will no longer be usable as a measuring stick. Reese’s Super King-size bars are available at select stores nationwide.

Sometimes a Reese’s King-size bar isn’t enough to satisfy your tastebuds and everyone else’s as well. That’s why the new Super King package is now a full foot long, giving fans enough of the classic peanut butter and chocolate goodness for you and your crew. With so much sharing power, Super King-size will make you the beloved ruler of your friend group…just don’t blame us if your newfound popularity is too much to handle (or if you eat them all yourself).

With so much deliciousness in one pack, you can stock up on satisfaction and never run out of creamy peanut butter coated in smooth milk chocolate. Each pack of REESE’S Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Super King Cups includes six individual cups, so sharing has never been easier (even if you won’t want to). But sharing does give you an excuse to buy more later. Decisions, decisions.