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The Simpsons Celebrate Butterfinger’s 100th Birthday!

    Butterfinger’s centennial milestone is being joyously commemorated alongside The Simpsons, marking a monumental moment in their marketing history. This collaboration stands as arguably the pinnacle of their advertising endeavors, symbolizing a remarkable century of Butterfinger’s presence and success.

    Butterfinger is excited to announce the return of its highly anticipated collaboration with The Simpsons, marking the candy bar’s centennial celebration with a delightful twist — special birthday bars adorned with brand-new packaging! Emblazoned with vibrant, celebratory wrappers featuring beloved characters from the iconic animated series, these bars will be available in various sizes, including the regular size, a convenient 2-piece share pack, and a fun-size laydown bag.

    But that’s not all! To add to the festivities, Butterfinger is launching the Butterfinger Birthday Sweepstakes. When you purchase one of these exclusive Butterfinger birthday bars and visit, you’ll be entered for a chance to win exciting prizes, including an Arcade 1 Game inspired by The Simpsons, The Simpsons Funko Pop! character assortment, a Butterfinger-branded skateboard, and many more surprises! Join in the celebration and indulge in the nostalgia with Butterfinger’s birthday bash!

    Ferrero has recently unveiled its latest promotional endeavor for Butterfinger, coinciding with the candy bar’s illustrious 100th Anniversary celebration alongside The Simpsons. This campaign represents a significant milestone for Butterfinger, likely emerging as the most triumphant marketing initiative in its storied history.

    During the late ’80s and early ’90s, Butterfinger etched itself into the collective consciousness of viewers tuning in to The Simpsons, with Bart Simpson serving as the charismatic ambassador for the delectable peanut butter treat. This collaboration not only solidified Butterfinger’s place in pop culture but also propelled its popularity to unprecedented heights.

    Before this iconic partnership, Butterfinger’s advertising landscape was marked by a memorable campaign in the 1950s featuring an animated elephant promoting the product. However, the brand’s marketing efforts subsequently dwindled into generic territory, occasionally being merged into advertisements alongside other confectionery offerings within the company’s portfolio, such as Baby Ruth.