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The more things change, the more they stay the same

    A new reality has dawned on us. COVID-19 has changed our world in ways we still cannot imagine. It feels like something out of a sci-fi movie. Either we adapt or fall by the wayside. In the past few days, I had to re-evaluate my situation with my family. Some changes have to be made. Our way of doing things needs an overhaul. Firstly, I have been gathering shelf-stable canned foods in a sensible manner. I am trying to limit my visits to the grocery store. Unfortunately, I am dependent on pharmaceutical needs in order to survive. My diet also limits me from eating certain types of foods that are hazardous to my existence.

    I have to make sacrifices for both my family and me. Grubbits has been an educational blog about new foods and fun facts about foods that we enjoy. Grubbits will evolve with these changes.

    Grubbits will now concentrate on simple recipes with products we never thought of using before. I will search for unique recipes and projects to keep our sanity. Meat has become a tricky thing as of late. Seems lots of grocery shelves are not properly stocked. I want to keep the element of entertainment as a core ingredient of this site. I hope you enjoy the changes.