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Popcorn: Snack Hacks That Really Pop

    If spending more time at home than usual has you reaching for snacks more often, keep some quick, flavorful options on-hand to help fuel you and your family throughout the day when hunger pangs strike.

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    Cracker Jack Holiday Sugar Cookies

      When it comes to popcorn, I am a traditionalist. Cracker Jack is the icon of caramel popcorn. Now their latest offering of sugar cookie popcorn screams blasphemy. Stay true to your roots Jack. You will have to suspend your disbelief and pretend it tastes like a cookie. It’s just super sugary laced popcorn. There are some things that just don’t mix. These are the two.

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      The horror of loud popcorn munching in A Quiet Place

        John Krasinski’s film, A Quiet Place, has about 90 lines of dialogue in the whole movie. As the movie title suggests, there is a lot of silence in the whole movie. Moviegoers are complaining that during the movie, popcorn munching has become a big distraction. Please do not bring popcorn to A Quiet Place. Here are some silent food alternatives; Gummy sweets, soft cookies, Cadbury Fudge bars, cupcakes, sushi and soft pretzels. If you are going to slurp that drink to the bottom, you better reconsider or feel the wrath of people around you. Theatre owners are horrified of the notion that people might not buy food at the concessions. Eaters beware!

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        Pop goes the world: Kathy Kaye Popcorn Balls and Caramel Cobs are a hit

          There is nothing like watching a baseball game with a popcorn ball in your hand. Kathy Kaye Foods makes popcorn balls just the way grandma used to make for her grandchildren. These amazing treats are made with love. They are introducing a new line of treats called Caramel Cobs. Kathy Kaye products can be enjoyed by everybody for every occasion. The make seasonal products, be sure to munch on Easter Caramel Cobs. I rather eat a soft caramel popcorn that melts in your mouth with delightful satisfaction than nibble on a chocolate bunny ear. Kids will love the Kathy Kaye Foods line of products, so will the kids at heart.