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Hello Kitty Assorted Cookie Tin is Made in Japan

    Introducing the all-new Hello Kitty Assorted Cookie Tin, a delightful holiday offering brought to you by Bourbon Foods USA. Hello Kitty-themed treats that are sure to please both the eyes and the taste buds.

    Nissin Cup Noodles goes gamer-friendly with new noodles

      Nissin has made an exciting foray into the world of gaming, unveiling two unique snacks specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of gamers. Their latest offerings, are the “Gaming Cup Noodles” and “Gaming Curry Meshi.”

      Edible Literal Sponge Cake 850x550

      Japanese YouTuber LowIQ creates a literal edible sponge cake

        There is nothing more disgusting than a dirty old sponge in your sink. Japanese YouTuber and content creator LowIQ specializes in creating a literal sponge cake to resemble a dirty dish and smeared with whipped cream as dish soap. Let them eat dish soap and gunk!

        canned cake 1

        Japan’s Patisserie Rakkansha concocts cakes in transparent cans

          Well, it is true you can have your cake and eat too. Japan’s Patisserie Rakkansha is selling cakes in a can. Just imagine a transparent cola can with a cake squashed inside. You can pick from cake flavours like Blueberry and Fresh Cream Chiffon Cake, Strawberry and Fresh Cream Chiffon Cake and Citrus and Fresh Cream Chiffon Cake. Those of age can treat themselves to an “Adult Tiramisu” option with a little more zing to it.

          Japanese fish shaped cake 1

          Taiyaki: Japanese fish-shaped cake

            These delightful faux fish are made from pancake batter and sandwiched together with sweetened azuki beans or custard. The Japanese treat is known as Taiyaki, it is just a waffle in the shape of a fish with custom filling.