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Avengers huk jello 1

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Jello Spider-Man Cherry and Hulk Lime Jell-O Mixes

    With Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War soon to hit theatres, the gauntlet will be thrown down as merchandising will hit all stores to fight for your hard earned dollar. So which manufacturer will collect your money? Now you can buy from the people who make Jell-O, Jello Spider-Man Cherry and Hulk Lime Jell-O Mixes. It’s too bad they could not come up with a gauntlet with different flavors that you could eat from and gain imaginary super-powers. What no blueberry Captain America Jell-O, grape Thanos Jell-O, and orange Iron-Man Jell-O? They should have created a Thanos Jell-O multipack with the gem colors.