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grilled cheese and tomato soup lays chips 1

Lay’s Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup chips

    Lay’s grilled cheese and tomato soup-flavored potato chips are a thing. For a limited time, Lay’s have combined the savory tastes of cheese and tomato. It is sure to be a hit for those craving a little something different. Grilled cheese and tomato soup flavor should be a hit with tangy taste buds.

    Sea Man Seaweed Chips 1

    Heine Max Olesen’s Sea Man Seaweed Chips

      Seaweed products are washing up on store shelves just like the seaweed does on the ocean shores. Heine Max Olesen’s Sea Man Seaweed Chips commissioned Pearlfisher to design new packaging for the company. The art is so appetizing that you tend to forget the chips are made from bladderwrack seaweed. Bladderwrack sounds like a urinary tract infection gone bad.

      muncho monster 1

      Muncho Monster

        C is not only for cookies. C is also for chips. Did you know that Jim Henson was hired to do the first Munchos potato chips commercials? He created Arnold the Muncho Monster that predates Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. Maybe Arnold did not love Munchos that much, so he later developed a sweet tooth for cookies.

        Churro Bugles scaled

        Churro Bugles

          The best finger foods just got married. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Churro Bugles! Everybody is on the churro bandwagon lately. The corn chips are covered in both salt and sugar. A full-blown cinnamon sugar coating would do better justice to this great idea. It leaves a bitter taste for me, churros should not be sweet and salty. This is just a pretentious Bugle masquerading as a churro. Please get the divorce papers, this union will not last.

          Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor 1

          Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor are Back!

            They are back! Pringles Top Ramen Chicken Flavor can be found exclusively at Dollar General. Just imagine the seasoning sachet found with ramen noodles drenched in regular Pringles. Not my cup of tea.