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jenis everything bagel ice cream 1

Jeni’s announces the return of its wildly popular, extraordinarily divisive (but also very delicious) Everything Bagel ice cream

    It’s perhaps a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence that any dish, let alone an ice cream, creates such a stir. Even rarer still is a flavor that shocks-and-awes and delivers on its promise to be delicious. Because you can argue the merits of whether or not this flavor should exist—actually, Jeni’s is hoping that you do! But no one can—or did—dispute that the ice cream tastes exactly like an everything bagel with cream cheese. And that it’s delicious (or, worst case, not at all an unpleasant experience).

    philadelphia bagel that 1

    The hole truth: Philadelphia bagel hole puncher

      Want to burn a hole in your pocket? Then you can punch bagel holes to your heart’s desire. Philadelphia Cream Cheese wants you to use their newly minted “Bagel That” hole puncher. Punch a hole in your bread, waffles and even tortilla and spread cheese as you please.

      cheesy shampoo and bacon conditioner 1

      Smell fresh like cheese and bacon

        Nothing like washing your air with cheese shampoo and conditioning it with bacon conditioner. People might start asking you if you had a McDonald’s breakfast before going to work. The duo set is brought to you by Einstein Bros., the bagel guys. You can get the set when you purchase Cheesy Wakin’ Bacon sandwich. As long as you do not smell like lox, then all is good.