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Archie McPhee

Pagan Breakfast God Mask 1

Pagan breakfast god mask

    All hail the Pagan Breakfast God! Thank you for the daily bacon that we are about to receive. This cool mask from the folks of Archie McPhee adds a little dash of fun for the Halloween season. Nothing like having egg on your face.

    kale candy canes 1

    Kale Candy Canes make Christmas come true

      Archie McPhee, a novelty candy is early this year with their Christmas offering. They have created what is sure to be a hit in the next few months. Look out world, behold kale candy canes. This really goes against me, I hate both kale and candy canes. Nothing like getting candy canes for Christmas. It either means you got re-gifted or somebody hates you. It’s all in good fun, I guess. The Grinch would approve.

      clamy canes 1

      Christmas Clamdy Candy Canes

        Gimmicky candy canes are nothing new to the novelty company Archie McPhee. This year they have unveiled candy canes that taste like clams. Clamdy Canes look like a hit this year. Past favorites included such candy canes as Pickle Candy Canes, Bacon Candy Canes, and Krampus Candy Canes.