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Addams Family

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The Breakfast Table Gets Kookier This Halloween With ‘The Addams Family 2’-Inspired Kellogg’s Cereals and Snacks

    Ahead of the theatrical release of MGM’s highly anticipated animated sequel “The Addams Family 2” on Oct. 1, Kellogg Company is teaming up with the iconic studio to bring fans a new way to experience their favorite macabre clan: breakfast. This July, the creepy, kooky and mysteriously spooky Addams Family is joining the breakfast table and beyond with “The Addams Family 2”-inspired cereals and snacks and in-pack giveaways of the first animated Addams Family movie.

    monster cereal 1

    The brief history of the General Mills Monster cereals

      In March 1971, General Mills unleashed Count Chocula and Franken Berry onto breakfast tables with their sugar-laced cereals.
      In February 1972, Franken Berry cereal joined the gang of cereals. The three remained constant throughout the years.
      Fruit Brute joined the fold in 1974 but was discontinued by 1982 and replaced in 1987 by Fruity Yummy Mummy, which was discontinued in 1992.