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Seven clever pun names for restaurants and bars

    A name can make or break a restaurant. Here are some clever pun names for restaurant and bar establishments. My personal favorite is “A Salt and Battery” from New York City. The fish and chip restaurant will easily pique your curiosity. The logo is blatantly reminiscent of the London Underground logo.

    1. A Salt and Battery  (Britain’s traditional fish and chip culture of fresh lightly-battered, deep-fried fish and thick-cut chips with salt and malt vinegar to New York.)
    2. Tequila Mockingbird (Place for highbrow tequila & mezcal cocktails & craft beers in casual, low-lit quarters.)
    3. Pita Pan (Montreal Mediterranean Shawarma restaurant)
    4. Jaun in a Million (Breakfast tacos and traditional dishes in a basic setting with an outdoor patio.)
    5. Planet of the Grapes (Modern marketplace wine bar also serving meat and cheese platters, pies and scotch eggs.)
    6. Thai me up  (Bustling, rustic-chic BYOB place offering both traditional & modern takes on Thai cuisine.)
    7. The Codfather (Extensive array of a delicious and incredible selection of fresh seafood.)