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Seed Mix Seasonings From Crunch Toppers

    The full lineup of Crunch Toppers products.

    Variety is the spice of life. Your life and food are going to get more interesting with The Spice Hunter’s new line of Crunch Toppers. The five new flavors are joining the popular Everything Bagel Seasoning. Food will never taste the same again!

    The Spice Hunter, a leading gourmet spice and seasoning manufacturer, is launching a bevy of seed-mix seasonings with the Crunch Toppers line, bringing you five fabulous flavors to sprinkle onto everyday dishes like avocado toast, salmon, and yogurt. The five new and irresistible flavors include Garden Veggie, Zesty Italian, Roasted Garlic & Onion, 7 Seed Blend and Sweet Seed, and they join the forever popular and consumer favorite, Everything Bagel. All of the products in The Spice Hunter Crunch Toppers line are all-natural, salt-free, kosher-certified, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

    “Creating meals and snacks with bold, unique flavors is what we pride ourselves in at The Spice Hunter,” said Jason Roy, The Fighter for Flavor (a/k/a President) at The Spice Hunter. “Our Everything Bagel Crunch seasoning has been extremely successful, and we are excited for consumers to explore the delicious flavor profiles of the new seasonings we are adding to the lineup.”

    The Spice Hunter will be hosting Giveaways on Instagram and Facebook from July 21 to July 27 for a chance to win free products and a $100 gift card. Tune in and follow on social for additional details.

    Learn more about specific store availability and how to spice up your life with a variety of new recipes at

    The Spice Hunter, founded in 1980 and located in San Luis Obispo, California, offers the highest quality of gourmet spices, unique blends, and the largest selection of salt-free seasonings across the category. The Spice Hunter draws inspiration from local and global food trends while transporting home cooks to new cultures. With a total of 150 spice offerings and over 600 recipes available on its website, The Spice Hunter is sure to meet all your taste buds’ needs. Learn more at and follow us on social: Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.